A zero full of work

In Weekly report on 30 May 2009 at 20:26

Tonight my writer’s math will end up zero – not because I haven’t worked, but because I’ve done things that isn’t covered in my chosen statistics. I’ve done the basework – that boring stuff you need to do before you can sit down and do the real stuff.

First of all I dug through one of our attics. Project one is a handbook in illumination and I know I have my old notes packed in paperbags up there somewhere. They got burried when we moved here three years ago and I never got a chance to unpack them. Now I emptied the attic and looked through lost things and strew old receits across the floor. I even hauled a gigantic matress out into the communal hallway.

Didn’t find them.

What I did find was a few of my author’s tools, so the hunt was not completely lost. My swedish thesaurus, the SAOL (the Swedish Academy’s Swedish Dictionary – this is the standard dictionary in Sweden, the one you use to solve conflicts in Scrabble tournaments etc.) and “Svenska Skrivregler” (Swedish Writing Rules – lists stylistical standards in written swedish language) are now neatly put on a shelf and are awaiting transport downstairs. They’ll have company with a chinese dictionary and chinese sign flash cards. Man, I do have a lot of learning tools for chinese, I should take the bull by the horns and actually learn the language!

There is some hope for my lost notes though. I didn’t find my english writing tools either. My swedish-english/english-swedish  dictionary, my english thesaurus as well as my gigantic blue book for translating the New Testament (excellent for pressing flowers) were nowhere to be found. This means I have some more paper bags in the other attic, and probably I’ll find the notes there… Unless they are in the mess that should have been my study. The quest goes on!

Another thing I did was to collect my new notes and sort them neatly into a binder. This may not sound like an achievement, but I’m pretty proud I did it before it turned into a gigantic chore. You see, I’m using the same block of paper for everything, I keep my work statistics in it, I use it for studying chinese, write for my projects and use it as a folder to carry important documents. After a few weeks it turns much… rounder than it used to be, things are falling out when I pick it out of my bag, and finding a specific text in there is a task. Now I have my important notes collected where I can find them and can pat myself on the back for being organized – at least for a few days.

But the first thing I did this week was downloading Audacity and Scribus. Being able to produce decent looking books for the PODprinting presses is high on my list, and I’m planning to podcast at least one of my projects. I’ve downloaded Scribus several times through the years and always been surprised when I haven’t been able to handle the program at once. Eventhough I know that there still are quite a lot of those that you need to learn how to use before you can actually do something with them, I’ve always acted as if they’re userfriendly enough for me to start working at once. I won’t fall for this this time. This time I’m going to take the time needed to get to know the softwares – it’s well invested hours.

Being the podcast junkie I am I immediately set out to see if I could find some free tutorials on iTunes. Audacity had a few but Scribus didn’t, funny that. (I do expect the online tutorials on Scribus to be excellently layed out on the other hand.) The podcast tutorial I use is Laptop Lounge Screencast: Podcasting with Audacity. It’s good, delivering knowledge in small morsels, which is a treat for us who tend to panic in face of technical stuff.

For an overall understanding of podcasting I read “Podcasting for Dummies” by Tee Morris and Evo Terra – and listen to the accompaning podcast.

So, let’s do the math

Word count: 0

-handwritten: 0

-computer: 0

Chapter mindmaps: 0

Content mindmaps: 0

Character mindmaps: 0


Research: 0

Gardening blog updates. 4

Current projects: 2

Subprojects: 1+5

Expected celebrity visits: 0

Cold from Hell: Gone!

Oh, I forgot to mention I had the celebrity visit this week. This time it was a journalist (yes, I’m using “celebrity” in a wide sense here) who interviewed on my indoor vegetable gardening. I mention this here since I regard this as some kind of training for the publicity work I need to do for my projects once I release them. (If you want to know more about the interview you should head over to Indoor Gardener tomorrow.)


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