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Taking time

In Weekly report on 06 June 2009 at 19:54

I’ve spent close to a year paying for wireless internet I couldn’t use, and on and off during this time I’ve tried on and off to get things working by mailing the company, calling them to a number eternally on hold and in generall cursing the organisation in question. You see, this computer is a part of my subscription, and it was delivered to the wrong adress, was broke when I opened the parcel and when I complained it was sent off to Germany where the bright technicians ‘fixed’ or rather just checked up on the wrong parts and since they found them working they sent the computer back unmended. Since the thing needed was a new plastic cover for a port I called again and asked if they just could send me a new cover instead – and got the answer that if I wanted that I had to send the entire computer to Germany (a journey which takes two weeks btw).

You may understand that after this I had little hope that my netprovider could give me adequate support, and the few contacts I had wasn’t hinting at something else (I fondly rember an emailanswer claiming they couldn’t read my complaint since I’ve sent it in PDFformat). But yesterday I finally had enough of paying for something I couldn’t use – so I gathered all important papers, the modem and…

…what was that?

On a few of my paper a special support number was written. My other attempts to reach the support has started out by looking the number up on the company website (which isn’t the most easy one to navigate). This number was different from the ones I’d found before, so I decided to try it. After a few words spoken with a computer I was put through to actual support, and half an hour later my modem was up and running. Yay!

This is in a way depressing. I’ve spent months without wireless net because I couldn’t read my own papers and didn’t take the time to get things right. After all, it wasn’t even an hour I spent fiddling with my computer – that’s nothing compared to how much I surf the net!

Even more depressing is that I have a lot of those things laying around. I need to learn Audacity and Scribus, as well as clear my study. Right now these things feels like enormous waste of time, just like clearing the modem mess felt before I did it. I’ve decided to clear those needless timethieves one by one. Yes, I call them timethieves because messes always steals time – and energy.

One of my biggest messes is my lungs. I’ve been ill again this week and the only thing that cures me is rest. I’ve spent a few days ‘drugging’ myself with animated movies on dvd to keep me from working on any of my projects. The thing is that I work at a call center where people come and go 24/7 and if only one per day brings a cold or a flu I fall ill. Needless to say I’m ready to try any remedy that can strengthen my immune system but few of them actually work (except for washing hands before eating anything – that one’s effective!).  And I’m tempted to return to work at the drop of a hat; I have a family and we do need the money. But if I don’t take the time to rest as much as I need I’ll become ill within days (instead of within a few weeks). So I take the time.

But I cheated this thursday and actually made some work on my project. It’s an illustration, or half of it since I couldn’t finish it before I almost fell asleep over it.

****! My “battery” is too low, I have to end this post right now. If I can find strength enough this week I’ll give you a bonus post on illustrations, copyright and illuminations.

The math

Word count: 0

-handwritten: 0

-computer: 0

Chapter mindmaps: 0

Content mindmaps: 0

Character mindmaps: 0

Illustrations*: 1/2


Research: 0

Gardening blog updates. 4

Current projects: 2

Subprojects: 1+5

Expected celebrity visits: 0

Cold from Hell: A new one

*Since illustrations are more than half of project 1 I added them to the math.